I get along singing my song.

Gold and silver and sunshine is rising up, pour yourself another cup of Lady Grey; take my hand in the meantime, when you've had enough, you'll find me on the end of a runway, babe. Tell the world that you love them in a melody, send my old piano and a telegram; gotta get me a doctor with a remedy, I'm gonna take a walk with the Monkey Man ! Someone tell me I'm dreaming, the freaks are rising up through the floor; everything I believe in is telling me that I want more, more, more. Lay your love on the fire when you come on in, I got my hee-bee-jee-bees in a hidden bag; tell me what you desire and I'll bag it up, high.
Obsesión con ese tema. Espero poder escucharlo el domingo

I'm insane, and I don't fucking care.

I'm gonna get free, I'm gonna get free, I'm gonna get free, ride into the sun. He never loved me, he never loved me, he never loved me, why should anyone? Come here, come here, come here, I'll take your photo for ya. Come here, come here, come here, drive you around the corner. Come here, come here, come here, you know you really oughta. Come here, come here, come here, move out of California. Get me far, when I have a lot to lose; save me from here! When it's pretty time, look into your mind, don't wait. I'm gonna get free !

Terrrrible buen humor y un temazo. Amén.

Up in the sky, learning to fly.

The soft clouds in your eyes, the way your hair was combing by the cold of the night. That was never meant to happen, but we both were there, we both were there, staring at the sky. Amber and trees, green and what we'd missed. You can't even imagine in all the ways you made me feel; scared, excited, afraid but so real. Oh, it happened in the worst moment, while the sky was turning blue; but I loved the way you said 'I like you'.

I'm gonna hide myself away.

Goodnight, I say to you, goodnight. Dream of all the impossible, and when you wake, you'll see that all these dreams aren't fake. They're real, not impossible. Believe, you'll be alright, sad things you keep inside. So go, tell me what it's like.

My thoughts you can't decode.

Eerie whispers, trapped beneath my pillow; won't let me sleep your memories. And I know you're in this room; I'm sure I heard you sigh, floating in between where our worlds collides. Cares the hell out of me and the end is all I can see; and it scares the hell out of me and the end is all I can see. And I know the moment's near, and there's nothing you can do.