Need a little time to wake up.

Wanna feel what I touch, wanna find what was lost, wanna be kind. As you see every curse, and in a dream it'll work; now you'll feel tied. Wanna praise with this life, and conceal without lies; I just need time. Wanna fight every need, every push every string; will you stand by? I've been awake through the wrong decisions, I've held the ground now I'm gaining soul, I bit my tongue through the cold realisations, I've been accused but I've only begun. Wanna speak what I've seen, wanna reach what I've dreamed, wanna be kind. Wanna seal what I've cut, wanna hear without rush, wanna ease time. With your hand on your loss, our scene truly cost; no one told you. And we grew from the day, into night I'm ashamed I will join you . In the end only once, all you need is a touch; wanna see love. Every thought you'll be shown, every act will be known; I defend you. We'll awake every sound, every chance I'll be found; I'll be with you.
Sí, estaba viva la chica al final.