I'm getting tired of starting again.

That was you up on the mountain, all alone and all surrounded. Walking on the ground, you're breaking; Laughing at the life you're wasting. One, two tries won't do it, you do it all your life and you never get through it; everything they had to say had been erased in just one day. "Good try, we don't like it", "Good try, we won't take that shit". Oh, I can't win.

2 talk way too much:

Camelott* dijo...

Aii si, AMO ese tema, y si, también lo sentí muy yo...Aggg estos hombres se empeñan en arruinar nuestras vidas xD een fin, muy buena la cancion de The Strokes,y veo la foto del twister y me los imagino jugando, aalto qilombo ajaj. Beeso!

Camila dijo...

Lindo blog : D