Two years have gone now.

You look pretty in your fancy dress, but I detect unhappiness; you never speak so I have to guess you’re not free. There, maybe when you’re old enough, you’ll realize you’re not so tough; and some days the seas get rough and you’ll see you’re too young to have it figured out. You think you know what you’re talking about, you think it will all work itself out; but we’ll see, when I was young I thought I knew, you probably think you know too. Do you? Well, do you? I was naïve just like you, I thought I knew exactly what I wanted to do; well, what’s you gonna do? And how have you gotten by so far without having a visible scar? No one knows who you really are, they can’t see What’s you gonna do? What’s you gonna do? What’s you gonna do now? The only way you’ll ever learn a thing is to admit that you know absolutely nothing; Oh, nothing. Think about this carefully, you might not get another chance to speak freely; oh, freely. Maybe when you’re old enough.

dos añitos ya ♥

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Anónimo dijo...

opa cambiamos esto. te cuento que esa cancion es hermosa, y a medida que voy escribiendo esto estoy escuchando un mix de falling down de oasis con old enough de the raconteurs porque era lo que escuchaba y ahora empezo a sonar y me da paja y es muyy psicodelico. jaja ta me fui un beso valensi

Anónimo dijo...

para creo que no me explique, yo escuchaba oasis y empezo a sonar lo de tu blog viste ajaja :P

naDIZ* dijo...

RADIO CABEZA Y SE VAN TODO' A LA PU' KE LOS PA' no? jajajajajaja radiocabeza.. xD ke mal ke estoy por dios xD no, ya sabes no me gusta radiohead pero leo tu mente :D

te kiero gataaa

LadyCamelot* dijo...

Ese vestido era precioso! y aparte el color te qedaba geenial(por lo qe vi en las fotos).
Ya pasaron dos años de tu fiesta, para la mía faltan meses!
Ahh, i es imposible no qedarse colgada mirándolo, es una especie de trampa qe puse (?) Beeso! (:

Melisa D dijo...

preciosa foto
y tu blog esta genial