Turn yourself around, you weren't invited.

Cos' I've been down before, and shot down when I was just turning around; I let you go because you wanted so. Why are you back? who asked you so! You never said, I never said; we let the time run out again. Now it's not time to blame, it's not time to be ashamed; now you can go back with your bloody blow to mum and dad. Oh! please! there's nothing else to talk to me. Don't want your cryings, your regrets; just get out, there's nothing else to talk to me.

3 talk way too much:

Seb dijo...

Me gusta la letra :)
Que tengas lindo finde.

BBianca ! dijo...

el diseño de tu blog
la remera de esa foto
la musica de MGMT
hermoso blog.
lo ame.

Antonellaa- dijo...

En esa foto te pareces mucho a una chica que conozco jajaja. Me encanto la frase que pusiste de titulo, es muy buena. Un besote nena =)