Love goes cold in the shades of doubt.

Scarred, your back was turned curled like an embryo. Take another face, you will be kissed again. I was cold as I mouthed the words and crawled across the mirror. I wait, await the next breath. Your name like ice into my heart. A shallow grave, a monument to the ruined age. Ice in my eyes and eyes like ice don't move. Screaming at the moon, another past time. Your name like ice into my heart. Everything as cold as life. Can no one save you? Everything as cold as silence and you never say a word. Your name like ice into my heart.

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vec dijo...

Miré tu perfil y nos gusta la misma música (Y). Ahora entiendo porqué ya me caés bien (?), jaja, Beso.

Caami* dijo...

Ay no blda, es qe esa cancion me puede, te lo juro(L) ajja, lei tu one-shot, pero no se porqe no me dejaba comentar, fuck! unn besi:)