Hold on tighter to the friends that you made.

Look us playing under the sun. How can I tell you we don’t mind? Come and join us, it won’t be so hard, just let yourself go, we’ll be kind. Playing our own music made with the notes of the laughing hours we spent together side by side. I remember when they came and taught me how to be happy and free. I thought they would lie, but they taught me right. Yeah, they taught me right. And I can’t be more pleased, I can’t be more gratified, ‘cause I know now they’ll be there when I’m not alright. So come with us, is not going to hurt. You don’t know how pleased I’m with them, ‘cause they’re my friends. Come with us, we have love to lend; ‘cause everything can happen, but they’ll still be my friends.
Feliz día para todas esas personas que son tan importantes para mi y que comparten conmigo los buenos y los malos momentos de la vida. feliz día amigos !

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daianna dijo...

Dani, muy felíz día para vos tambien. Gracias por pasar siempre! Te quiero mucho y ojalá que la allas pasado lindo.

Rodaa dijo...

eh peladillllla,feliz dia pa' vos tmb (:

te qiero mucho gila ^^

nos vemos mañana a la mañanita u.u

un beso ♥

luli dijo...

feliz día!
que andes bien.
pasate por mi flog/blog:

Brendu dijo...