I missed the last bus.

Where has your love gone? I was looking but can’t find it anywhere. They always offer when there’s loads of love around, but when you’re short of some, it’s nowher to be found. I know your game, you told him yesterday, 'no chance, you’ll get nothing from me'. But now she’s there, you’re there and everybody’s there and she’s in turmoil as puzzled as can be, just like me. Lets go down, down, low down; where I know I should not go. She thinks she’s the one, but she’s just one in 24. And just because everybody’s doing it, does that mean that I can too? Where has your love gone? it was the antiseptic to the sore. To hold you by the hand, must she first be in demand? How she longs for you to long for her once more. Her eyes went down and cut you up, and there’s nothing like a dirty look from the one you want or the one you lost. An ache in your soul it's everybody’s goal, to get what they can't have. That’s why you’re after her and that’s why she’s after him. But saying it won’t change a thing. Realising it won’t change a thing.

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daianna dijo...

Qué linda cancion. Gracias dani por firmar, y ya lo hablamos por msn pero de verdad es muy feo. Ojalá todo pase y las dos los podamos olvidar, ajaj.
Muy lindo todo, amo las fotos :) Un besito, te quiero mucho!

tatii dijo...

jajaja, la verdad que yo solia ser de las que hasta que no tenian el libro en la mano no buscaban nada, perobueno, esto me pudo mas, y lo necesitaba, igual me arrepiento. Hay partes que estan tan mal traducidas!, igual, gracias por pasar besos!

Caami* dijo...

Sigo en la búsqueda de un vampiro qe valga la pena:( aare, te dejo Daani :) Cuidate ! aparte me tenes qe contar como salio el bingo are qe ya fue hace mil, ajaja, besii :)