The prettiest smartest captain.

I just nod, I’ve never been so good at shaking hands. I live on the frozen surface of a fireball, where cities come together, to hate each other in the name of sport. America, nothing is ever just how you plan. I looked up to you but you thought I would look the other way. And you hear what you want to hear, and they take what they want to take. Don’t be sad, won’t ever happen like this anymore. So when's it coming? This life’s new great movement that I can join. The warning here, your faith has got to be greater than your fear. Forgive them, even if they are not sorry; all the vultures, bootleggers at the door waiting. You are looking for your own voice, but your nervous; while it leaves, you trapped in another dimension. Drop your guard, you don’t have to be smart all of the time; I got a mind full of blanks, I need to go somewhere new fast. And don’t be shy, oh no, at least deliberately; no one really cares or wonders why anymore. Oh, I got music, coming outta my hands and feet and kisses. That is how it once was done, all the dreamers on the run.
El día que este hombre & company vuelvan a pisar un escenario argentino, voy a ser extremadamente feliz

3 talk way too much:

Kalab Kalash dijo...

;D vamo' lo pibeee ;D jajajaja

negra negra neeegra neeeeegra
mañana te paso a buscar por el curso!
te quiero gataa
un beso! :D

La otra Princesa dijo...

Me gusta la foto del este pibe .__.

RoRRigo dijo...

escuchaste el disco de este senhor?
hay algun tema q no lo entendi
pero en general es buenisimo
Glass....ufff, q temon!