Staring at the sea, staring at the sand.

My shadow side so amplified, keeps coming back dissatisfied; elementary, son, but it's so. My love affair with everywhere was innocent, why do you care? Someone start the car, time to go. You're the best I know. My sunny side has up and died, I'm betting that when we collide the universe will shift into a low. The travesties that we have seen are treating me like Benzedrine; automatic laughter from a pro. My, what a good day for a walk outside; I'd like to get to know you a little better, baby; God knows that I really tried. My, what a good day for a take out bride; I'd like to say we did it for the better of. I saw you there so unaware, those hummingbirds all in your hair; elementary, son, but it's so. I thought about it and I brought it out; I'm motivated by the lack of doubt, I'm consecrated but I'm not devout. The mother, the father, the daughter, yeah. Right on the verge, just one more dose, I'm traveling from coast to coast. My theory isn't perfect, but it's close. I'm almost there, why should I care? My heart is hurting when I share someone open up and let it show. You don't form in the wet sand, You don't form at all. You don't form in the wet sand, I do.
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3 talk way too much:

Evan Malloy dijo...

Uh, qué imagen inmensa. Expresa inmensidad, al menos.

Sid dijo...

Stand by me, nobody knows the way it's gonna be (8)

Nico_cp dijo...

daaniii mucha suerte en el pesiii! que la pases genial! traeme una foto del de calle 13 (?) jajaja :P

un beso grande :)