I've been told that I'm going crazy

You were wearing rags, I was wearing pointe shoes; I tried to lay next to you, but you hit the snooze. The definition of a crazy person is someone that does the same thing over, and over again, while expecting new results. I cut off my tongue, you started to kiss me; blood trickled down, don't you ever miss me? Don't you ever miss, meat? Don't you ever minced, meat? Don't you ever mincth, meat? Called up my mama but I couldn't be sweet, so I escaped through the window on a rope made of sheets. Got bitten by a squirrel and stepped on a syringe, the view of Manhattan from GW bridge. You said, Honey; I said, Baby. You said, Funny; I said, Maybe. You say, Hi honey; I say, Hey baby. You asked, Was it funny?; And I said, Well, maybe, maybe, maybe, maybe.

2 talk way too much:

Martín Miserio dijo...

you said is this entry good? i said maybe, you said is this chick cool? i said maybe, maybe, maybe

L de Lobito dijo...

Buen tema, eh