You get so lost inside your head.

Come closer and see, see into the trees, find the boy while you can. Come closer and see, see into the dark; just follow your eyes, just follow your eyes. I hear his voice calling my name, the sound is deep in the dark. I hear his voice and start to run into the trees, into the trees, into the trees. Suddenly I stop but I know it's too late, I'm lost in a forest, all alone. The boy was never there, it's always the same; I'm running towards nothing again and again and again.

3 talk way too much:

michuu dijo...

aaii dani danii, no encontramos en la misma situacioon :S noo puede ser chee xD
beso dani, te quiero mcuhisimo:)

Baaar dijo...

q buena foto (L)

tatii dijo...

por dios tus fotos ♥