They shout for the boys in the band.

We all want someone to shout for; yeah, everyone wants somebody to adore. But your heroes aren't what they seem, when you've been, where we've been. Have I done something to trigger the funny looks and the sniggers? Are they there at all, or is it just paranoia? Everybody's got their box, doing what they're told. You pushed my faith near being lost but we'll stick to the guns. Don't care if it's marketing suicidal, won't crack or compromise your do-rights or individes will never unhinge us. And there's a couple of hundred think they're Christopher Columbus, but the settlers had already settled; yeah, long before ya. Just 'cos we're having a say-so, not lining up to be playdoh. Oh, in five years time, will it be 'Who the fuck's Arctic Monkeys?'

24 - 10 - 07 !

5 talk way too much:

muchu dijo...

noo, pobre danii! hace un monton que no le firmaba :(jaja
te amo dani(L)besoo

bren dijo...

awww, que lindos recuerdos(L)
volveran?, espero que si =D jajaj

te quiero mucho dani :)
nos vemos dentro de un ratito!

Caami !* dijo...

Amo ese tema con locura ! (L)
perodon por no haberme pasado, estuve campamenteando (?) con el colegio. Extraño pero cierto, en fin, saludos daani :)

mutantt dijo...

ahhh que lindo el recital! estaba re cerca yo(L) oh,los recuerdos :P besitos danyy

Antonellaa- dijo...

arctic monkeys, me encantan (L). gracias por pasar! un besote, qe estes re bien =)