You don't want trouble, we might get some.

We're best friends, we hold hands; we're in love, you're my man. "Darling, no, that's not me; I'm a ghost in the sheets". Well, is there something that you like about her? "Yes, I like the way that her body bends in half" And is there something that you love about her? "No, there ain't a woman in this world I wont let go". Come on baby, we get along; please, don't just spoil it, don't steer us wrong. Let's get together, and get it on; let's get those clothes off before I'm gone. You talk about me like you own me; baby, that's not fair. I told you that I had somebody else; you did not care, and now you're talking on the phone, you're telling all of your friends "We love each other! We love each other" Well, is there something that you wanted from her? "Yes, I want her legs, her body and her cash" And is there something that you needed from her? "No, and if she's playing hard to get, I'm out the door". Oh no, baby, don't say it's true; please, say you love me like I love you. Come on baby, we get along; one week of danger is not very long !
JAJA, no tengo comentarios para esa foto, pero Roda diría algo como "toda la merca".

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C a r o w; dijo...

Me suena a Barilo ♥ por las pulseritas ♥♥♥ (???)
grax x pasar!!
besotesss ♥

Nicola dijo...

el colegio se la come ooooó

tick of time dijo...

ajaj yo tb soy menor, pero le rompi tanto las pelotas a mi vieja que me dijo que si (:......