Just like a dream.

Leaving town, I found a flower that I could deserve. Someone moves and someone's bound to get their feelings hurt. I'm loving you, you're out of range; wanted you, you're out of range. As I walked out into a world, I feel a sudden chill; I was bleeding, put it good onto a daffodil. Loving you, you're out of range; wanted to, you're out of range. I don't want too much more than to be reborn in the morning; reborn, so I can feel you. The thorns are blooming with ya, I feel you. I have your number and I dialed it up a hundred times; barely there, your voice is crackin' up across state lines. Loving you, you're out of range; wanted you, you're out of range. Skies of ecstacy we're breaking; well, I do believe the tears of God were falling down upon my swollen cheeks. I know it hurts when it's taken away.
Entrada vieja. Entre nos, esa foto me hace extrañar un poquito el verano. Pero shh, no digan nada (:

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Has someone taken your faith? dijo...

lindiiiisima esa foto!
que ganas de estar en la playa o por algún lugar asi :(

Nicola dijo...

Maal, no conozco muchas que no se opongan a los tatuajes/piercings/expansores y demases

tick of time dijo...

no sabe slo que pedi por ese tatuaje, y al AL FIN! lo logre, logre que me den la famosa autorización.....
soy la persona más feliz del universo jajaja