All cats are grey in the dark.

It's always half and half, I'm happy and I'm sad, everything that's beautiful always kills me too, the highest I get up is the deepest I get down. You're up there with your life; that's why I gotta shout, shout. And then gotta shout, shout. Blues for Meister; you, sweet little thing. Blues for Meister, I'm so sad I gotta sing. A cozy little kitty up, sittin' on the couch. Oh, kitty cat, oh, baby; I really miss you now. Well, have some respect for my cat; she got squashed by the wheel
of a Cadillac.

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Nico_cp dijo...

awww que linda fotooo!! ^^ me encanta!

jaja que gil... habia pensado que habia pasado algo con Sol... por lo del Cadillac xD que tonnnnto u.u
menos mal que esta todo bien ^^ jaja

bueno, me voy a estudiar para meola (?) (chiste), un beso!! :)