This house is a Circus.

Sweeping the floors, open up the doors; turn on the lights, get ready for the night. Nobody's romancing cause it's too early for dancing, but here comes the music. Bright lights flashing to cover up you; like so many people, so many problem, so many reasons to buy another round, drink it down; just another night on the town. With the big man, money man, better than the other man; he got the plan with the million-dollar, give a damn; when nobody understand, he'll become a smaller man. The bright lights keep flashing and the women keep dancing with the clowns; Pick me up when I'm down. Rodeo clowns, they pick me up when I'm down. The disco ball's spinning, all the music and the women and the shots of tequila, man, they'll say that they need ya; what they really need, is just a little room to breathe. A teeny-bopping disco queen, she barely understands; her dreams are belly-button rings and other kinds of things, symbolic of change, but the thing that is strange is the change has occurred.
JAJAJA, las payasas del French ♥. Las quiero mucho !

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