We won't be seventeen forever.

Oh, she's only seventeen; whine, whine, whine, weep over everything. Bloody Mary breakfast busting up the street; brothers fighting, when's the baby gonna sleep? Heaving ship too sails away; said it's a culmination of a story and a goodbye session. It's a tick of our time and the tic in his head that made me feel so strange. So I could call you baby, I could call you dammit; it's a one in a million. Oh, it's the rolling of your Spanish tongue that made me wanna stay.

Me gusta mucho este tema. Y, bueno, ¿a ustedes dos que les puedo decir? ♥

1 talk way too much:

Bren :) dijo...

jajaja. ttttte quiero muchooo mucho daniii(L)

pd. muy buena cancion la que suena :D