Come and take me away.

Callin' me high on the telephone, came by plane all alone. Spend the afternoon making a speech, speech made you nervous that you couldn't eat. You came to show your mad love, you came to tell it's not enough. Come and erase me and take me with you; kiss me, I'm drunk, and don't worry it's true. I wanted to show you how mad is my love. Come and attack me, it's not gonna hurt; fight me, deny me, if I fear when your close. Let's make love and listen death from above. You knew my ideas when they were in my head, they were my secret evening plans. Wine, then bed, then more, then again. Run, run, run, to make your heart shake. Kiss, kiss, kiss, will make this earthquake. I'm gonna get what I'm willin to take, this gotta worth the miles you made. Come back, I'll warm you up; make me breakfast, I'll make it up. You are so talented, I'm in love. Let's make love and listen death from above. Listen to the tunes that you sent to me. listen to them good company. I want to show my mad love, you have to know it's not enough. Come and complete me, stay here with me. This is all true, it's water I drink. I want you to show me how mad is your love.

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michu dijo...

acuerdate, cuando termines el capitulo 10 ya sabes que aqui tienes una michu;) ajajaj
te amo dani:)
beso, nos vemos!