French dog blues.

Well, you got so good, you live for the action. Used to be a husband, now you got yourself some satisfaction. A dog in a bag and a bone; but you're lost in the rain, 21 million miles from home. You got brand new shoes, a healthy fixation, atomic heart and a two for one education; you're breaking my heart all the way. With your dog in a bag, I need your madness just to get through the day. It's a million o'clock, too hot to sleep, a rotten taste in my mouth and my eyes are deep. There's nothing much really going on out here, I'm holding on for dear life and one more beer. I guess you could say it's a sick little show, a bottle of troubles and a bed full of wow. It's easy to see without looking too far, you have to be a saint to be as sick as you are. Half the world's asleep, the rest of them are dreaming; god forbid if you forget to close the door as you're leaving. I hate to see you in a bind; with a dog in a bag, sleeping next to your ridiculous mind. With a dog in a bag, sleeping next to your ridiculous mind.

5 talk way too much:

Rodaa dijo...

eee ese es mi peioo ^^

mi yago ♥

que lo quiero de acá a la china :D jaja

es mio,y no te lo voy a prestar mas jmm

por puta :P

te qiero peladilla (:

daianna dijo...

Yo también te quiero mucho dani, y sabes que me encanta tu blog.
Besito !

Nicoooo D dijo...

eeee daniiiiiiiii

jojo aca me paso por tu blog ^^

por ahi alguno me haga algun dia :P

bueno, aca toy con esto de soc y est y la de bringas ¬¬ el re embole pero bueh,

see you!

Dan dijo...

qe buena música qe escuchas
besito linda

brendi dijo...

miralo a yaguinnnn (L)

te quiero mucho dani :D
un besito!