Neverending games.

You said you couldn't stay; you've seen it all before, I know. They sold you on their way; oh, honey, that's ok. No harm, she is armed, setting off all your alarms. When I find out, I'll hope it's you who set this trap. And storefronts rarely changed; at least, I'm on my own again, instead of anywhere with you. But to me, it's all the same. And I lost my page again; I know this is so rare, but I'll try my luck with you. This life is on my side, I am your one? Believe me, this is your chance. Let's see what's for sale, she's trying hard to give his job a chance. Oh, it's never gonna be; it's sad, but I agree. The signals don't seem right, they last for just one night. I'm sorry that I said that we were just good friends.

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Unpredictable dijo...

strokes (L)
qe linda letra :)
un beso geniaaaaaa,

Ms Maker dijo...

Siempre lindas las letras que pones, ¿por qué será no? BESITOS ENORMES, CUIDATE DANY!