If I could do it again, maybe just once more.

The night's just getting longer. Oh, am I still lonely? And the days are getting slower. Is this for some reason? I'm still lonely. Now that I've got everything I wanted, still a bad taste in my mouth. Now I found all things that I wanted, still a bad taste in my mouth. So, I sent away my baby. I sent him packing on down the chain. So now he ain't my baby; but I still love him all the same. So take me down there in time and feed me liquor. I don't want to pain tonight, where do I run to? Where do I run to now that I've lost you?

2 talk way too much:

michu dijo...

te amo dani:) y tambien amo tus fotos:Pjaja
un besoo, nos vemos!

daianna dijo...

Si si dani, te quedo muy lindo el titulo. Amo tu blog y lo sabés, ajajaj.
Un besito, te quiero mucho!